Learner contractors receives theoretical and practical training. Training is conducted in block release.  Contractors are required to attend the training on a full time basis for the first week of the month and there after, every 3 weeks on site.


The mentorship support programme assists small and emerging contractors to have a better understanding of the construction environment, given the fact that most of the new construction industry entrants have diverse backgrounds. Successful mentorship will be determine by the ability of contractors to handle building construction projects with limited support, and also their ability to compete with other contractors in the open market.  It is envisaged that after three years of mentorship, contractors will be able to operate on their own and have a better feel of the construction environment.

Mentorship is based on the following areas

  • Transfer of skills (technical skills and managerial skills) to contractors;
  • Advise on the organisation of the whole project;
  • Advise on the management of the project;
  • Assist the learner contractor with regards to drawing an implementation programme;
  • Advise the leaner contractor with regards to management of materials;
  • Constantly check actual work done against the agreed implementation programme;
  • Assist and advise the contractor to comply with a number of agreements and statutory requirements;

All contractors are visited by a mentor on site to assess whether construction works or projects are in order.