According to the CIDB online register of Construction, entities based in Eastern Cape are mainly dominated by the lower CIDB grades, especial those owned by black people.  It is acknowledged that some black owned construction entities stood the test of time and managed to progress from CIDB grade 1, 2 and 3 up to grade 7 regardless of the inherent difficulties.  Black owned contractors become stagnant without any progression because of growth challenges that persist during grade 7 making is difficult to upgrade to grades 8 and 9.

ELIDZ conducted a market analysis and realised that in Eastern Cape there is no 100% black owned CIDB grade 9 contractor hence this initiative.

The programme aims to develop a pool of construction and engineering contractors that will be highly skilled, to be able to compete in the open market for infrastructure opportunities not only within the Eastern Cape Province but also within the Country as a whole.

Main goal is to create sustainable and self-sufficient contractors through a number of management interventions including:

  • Improve the Contractors qualification by NQF level 2 up to NQF level 4 in construction management qualification;
  • Improve the Contractors grades by two grades or higher at the time of exiting the programme;
  • Increase the number of fully sustainable Contractors who will be able to participate in the businesses main stream and assist in meeting the developmental needs of the region and country.


The programme is targeting CIDB registered contractors with a grading designation 1 to 2 (pre-incubation programme) and 3 to 5 (mainstream), for the General Building (GB), Civil Engineering (CE), Electrical Engineering Works – Building (EB), Electrical Engineering Works – Infrastructure (EP), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Fire prevention and protection systems (SF), Timber buildings and structures (SM), Waterproofing of basements, roofs and walls using specialist systems (SN), Water supply and drainage for buildings (wet services, plumbing) (SO) and Landscaping, irrigation and horticulture works (SH) Classes of Construction Works.

The Programme aims to develop the targeted contractors through mentorship, training and support to become sustainable contracting entities.

Pre-Incubation Classes of Works Mainstream Incubation Classes of Works
CIDB Grade 1 GB, CE, EB, EP ME, SF, SM, SN, SO and SH CIDB Grade 3 GB, CE, EB, EP ME, SF, SM, SN, SO and SH
CIDB Grade 2 GB, CE, EB, EP ME, SF, SM, SN, SO and SH CIDB Grade 4 GB, CE, EB, EP ME, SF, SM, SN, SO and SH
CIDB Grade 5 GB, CE, EB, EP ME, SF, SM, SN, SO and SH